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My Success IQ Elite program is specifically designed to support you in developing your winning mindset

You're not Alone

It's a lonely place sometimes being an entrepreneur. It can be tough when you feel fearful, or like a failure, have doubts and face real setbacks. And, all the while, you may not want to share that with your closest family or friends. You don’t want to worry them or fear losing face,

It’s very hard to find someone who understands the challenges you face. You worry about many things including what might happen to your income if you fall ill. How will that affect your family? That’s why I offer my coaching specific to entrepreneurs. I’ve been there. I can support you.

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harmony not balance


I have come to accept that work-life balance is a myth especially for entrepreneurs like us. You may not even see what you do as work because you enjoy it so much. As that passionate business owner, it can be difficult to switch off from work when you're on so-called personal time.

I think a better pursuit is harmony or blending. For an entrepreneur it is a more appropriate way of managing life and work. This consists of being efficient in prioritising your time to maximise your performance and productivity at work whilst maintaining healthy relationships and wellbeing. It can be done.


I have lost count how many people I have worked with who have lost sight of the important things. They often form the basis of why they started to business in the first place. To allow them to shape a life around what really matters to them. And, ironically, those priorities can get lost in the melee that is starting and running a business.

You may be like many who started their business to give your family and yourself a better life. That might mean earning enough income to allow you to spend quality time with the people you love. It can also mean for you intended to create the lifestyle that makes you happy and fulfilled in all areas. For me this is an admirable goal and the basis of what call the exceptional life.
its time to think big

Permission to think Big

I think another area that limits your potential is thinking too small. Are you holding your success back because you’re afraid to share what you really want to achieve because of what people might think or say?

True, thinking big offers its own challenges but if you really want to create an exceptional life, you need to work with someone who believes you can achieve your full potential.

I work with people who want to excel and build a truly amazing life and business. The question you need to ask is. ‘are you ready to surpass your current thinking and build something amazing?’

Since I embarked on my obsession with human potential development, I have sought to identify the difference between apparently successful people and truly successful people. I have come to believe that the main difference is how they prioritise their lives.

Truly successful people living an exceptional life take a holistic approach. They understand that their happiness, health, relationships, wealth and mindset together determine their success.

That's very much how I support my clients in achieving their goals. We need to take the whole in order to build a successful life. The Success IQ Elite program achieves this by assisting you to reflect on every area of your life and make sure you are developing the best version of yourself, your life and your business.

It is only when you are strong and whole that you can really achieve the level of happiness, fulfilment and success that you truly desire. So let's get to work shall we?

Lets Arrange a Call to Discuss how I can
support you in achieving your goals



The basis of the program is based on my philosophies but it is uniquely tailored for you in order to deliver maximum results


This session, designed to allow you to express freely what you really want to achieve in your life, is the time you start thinking big. You take a look at your life and business as a whole. Once this is done, we can then work on the plan and strategies for success.


I believe that each of my clients is unique and special. Because of this I think that my support package should be designed to fit you as well as a high class made to measure suit. Once you have been accepted on the program we will discuss your needs for getting the best results.


There are times when you are going through challenges and you just need to speak to me. That is why, on top of our coaching sessions, you also get ‘clarity sessions’ designed to reduce your stress and get you focused on solutions.


One of the benefits to working with me is that you get access to an online platform which is a fantastic resource for working on your development. Access the training content when you need it.


At the core of this program are the regular highly intensive coaching session, where we review your progress, deal with any challenges and get focused on setting targets for the upcoming month. Create a positive momentum and impact in your life.


Taking time out to check your direction and progress is key to your success. By periodically checking in with your plan and reflecting on your progress we can ensure you remain happy with the direction you are taking your life and business.
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