089 – Kavit Haria: Don’t Sleep on It

Geoff Nicholson


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Kavit Haria embracing your passion and using the internet to create success

From a young age, Kavit Haria learner to play “the world’s most difficult percussion instrument”, the Tabla. Having immersed himself in learning about artist promotion, Kavit began to raise his profile and performed across the UK at venues large and small, with many artists (including Jimmy Page at the Royal Albert Hall) and recorded albums at the famed Abbey Road studios.

Recognizing the demand for sharing what he learned gave rise to Kavit’s first company, Insider Music Business. Within five years, from 2005 to 2010, Kavit created thirty-five different educational products online, from ebooks to video courses and audio training to membership programmes, which he promoted to the growing database of 120,000 musicians and hit 7 figures in revenue.

Kavit then turned to share his marketing automation strategies at business conferences in the UK and ran private workshops for small business owners in New York, Sydney and London.

Since 2013, Kavit has been running Automated Business System, a flagship service to help experts and brands strategise, build, launch and market their businesses online businesses. He has helped launch and grow 120+ businesses for clients, generating $100,000 or more in their first year online sales.

Now, Kavit puts the knowledge and inspiration from his 10-years of building businesses into his new book, Don’t Sleep On It! Turn Your Passion & Expertise Into A Profitable Business.

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If you would like to find out more about Kavit Haria services or connect with him on social media you can visit his website insiderinternetsuccess.com and of course, you can find out more about his book Don’t Sleep on it at dontsleeponitbook.com

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