087 – Jeremiah Smith: Effective SEO Strategies

Geoff Nicholson

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Jeremiah Smith talks about effective SEO for Entrepreneurs

Jeremiah Smith is the Cofounder and CEO of SimpleTiger, a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO for entrepreneurs. For 11 years, Jeremiah has helped companies like Segment.com, Shopify, NBC, MTV, E*Trade, LG, and Sports Illustrated see significant gains in their search results, organic traffic, and revenue. During his time growing SimpleTiger, Jeremiah has seen first hand how clients have been unnecessarily burned by other agencies in the past or confused by misleading SEO strategies.

The SEO industry is plagued with a lot of smoke and mirrors, blackhat techniques, and a lack of transparency. Jeremiah’s mission is to open up about what many other SEO marketers and agencies won’t share – the practices and frameworks that actually work. Why share this? Because transparency is much needed in an industry where sharing is typically frowned upon.

As a fully distributed team, SimpleTiger has helped venture-backed startups with everything to lose all the way up to the largest companies in the world get on the first page of Google. There are no one-size fits all approach to SEO like some would have you believe, but there is a simple, effective, and right way to do it.

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