085 – Cindy Nicholson: Creating Successful Profitable Online Courses

Geoff Nicholson


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Learn how to create great, profitable online courses, with the course whisperer

As a former teacher and corporate trainer, Cindy Nicholson works with entrepreneurs who have dreams of building their business beyond just trading dollars for hours. They’re ready to grow their business by offering online courses but have no idea where to start. Cindy helps walk them through the process so that they can create a course that they’re proud of and that their clients will love.

In short, Cindy helps amazing entrepreneurs turn their incredible content into effective and engaging learning material.

So often, small business owners are experts in their field but struggle with how to translate their vast knowledge into an engaging, life-transforming online course. They know they want to scale their business and reach a broader audience (and earn some passive income along the way) but need some help to make it happen.

That’s become The Course Whisperer, Cindy Nicholson’s, calling.

Guest Recommendations:

  • Book: Your a Badass – by Jen Sincero
  • App: brain.fm

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