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The Success Trap

This is a simple question but one all too often people have not answered clearly enough.

Do you have your own personal definition of success?

This is a question that must be answered in order for you to move your life and business in the right direction. This is the key to your success; to understand the what you need to understand your why.

Once you have this then the vision and the plan can be created to purposefully move you towards your goals and enjoying your exceptional life.

I think there are two key reasons for this:
1. The majority of people are so consumed by the chase that they never really stop and think, ‘what do I actually want and how will fit in my life?.’ Another question is, ‘what new skills, beliefs and habits do I need to learn to achieve that?

2. You see all of these people on social media that look like they are living amazing lives. The truth is you, or I for that matter, have no idea what their life is really like. It could be real, it could be fake.

The grass always seems greener until you have clearly defined what you really want. When you focus all your effort and energy in achieving your version of success it makes no difference what your friends, colleagues or neighbours have, because you have everything you need to be happy, fulfilled and successful.

I offer a range of solutions to assist you in creating an exceptional life what ever your commitment level or budget


The Success IQ Mindset

Over the last decade I have been working in the field of human potential, working with people who demand the best from themselves so they can build a successful business and live a great life.

I often find that, in order to follow their passion they or those important to them pay a heavy price. Failed relationships, health issues, burn-out, or worse. In so many cases I also notice a loss in personal direction as those costs mount.

Success IQ assists you in achieving the important goals in your life and business, whilst minimising the heartache and increasing the odds of success.


Change requires courage and for some there is a need to explore and reflect on what you really want out of your life.  The aim of this phase is to connect with what that looks like, to get the clarity in an environment, with professional support while daring to think big and dream of whats possible.


Now you have clarity, it is time to get a plan. This is the only way you can achieve your goals within your business or family life. Get clear on your key outcomes. The plan must include all the key areas that are critical for your success.


Nothing will ever be achieved without action, only when you take a purposeful step towards your desired outcomes will things change.

Holistic Approach

Something that I feel very strong about is supporting people like you to create a fulfilled life. This, I believe, can only be achieved when you take a holistic approach to your success. Over the years I have worked with to many people who have focused all their attention on one part of their lives. As a result they experience high levels of stress and dissatisfaction because of the imbalance.

This is why I am passionate about supporting you in building a strong Success IQ by assisting you in what I have found to be the key areas of your life. With my unique life experience with chronic physical and mental illness combined with my skills in life and success coaching I am confident I can assist you to catapult your life or business to the next level.

At the core off all of my work are values and attitudes I live by. The lessons I have learnt in my own life and the strategies I have adopted, I implement personally and with my client work.

Success IQ is a Way of Life

Personally, I think this is a way of life. Something to adopt and implement in order to create the exceptional life you are looking for. This means that there are challenges that you will face as you smash through limiting beliefs, embrace new habits and increase your confidence and courage to take on life and grab it by the...

You obviously want to pull yourself out of mediocrity and create something really special in your life and I believe I can support you in achieving this. All you need to do is arrange a call and we can discuss the how.
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