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Reducing your email mailbox clutter

Stop the email overflow!

I wonder how many of you reading this have that warm and fussy feeling when you open your mailbox and see the ridiculous amount of emails that you have to open; it astounds me how much crap can be sent in one hour never mind a full day.  Our email boxes are now worse than our home mailbox, I struggled for many years with this, and over the last few years, I have used strategies that have dramatically reduced the clutter.

Don’t get me wrong I can still have days that frustrate me, after all, I am only human. Here are some strategies that I have found useful and I thought I would share as it seems to be a common frustration.


We all subscribe to newsletters for some reason or another, but it goes without saying the more you subscribe to the more your mailbox is going to get overloaded with them.

My strategy is simple I don’t sign up with my email address I subscribe using an address that sends all newsletters to my Evernote account, this allows me to collect them and review them in my own time, rather than having them filling my mailbox and resulting in me getting so annoyed I just delete them without reading.

I review them on the weekend on a Sunday morning while enjoying my morning cup of coffee; this has been a useful strategy for me.


Sometimes when we get the newsletters they are just an update of the latest blogs from that week, month etc.  This makes things easier for me to decide how I want to read them, I will unsubscribe from the newsletter and add their blog to a handy app called Feedly which allows me to access the blog in a more digestible format, anything I really like and want to keep I add it to an app called Pocket.

Sorting the Emails:

One of the best apps I have used to help me reduce the clutter in my mailbox and which helped me sort out the important from the I will look at later emails is an application called Sanebox.

This software will examine your mailbox and then sort the mail into separate folders; allowing you to focus on the important emails.  I remember running it for the fist time I had over 1000 emails (I know appalling) just in the main folder, and I was pulling my hair out, after it scanned the folder it sorted all the emails into relevant folders, and I was left with 85 important one.

I was able to then go into the other folders to sort them out life became a lot easier, there are many other fantastic additional features, but you can find them at the Sanebox website.

For transparency purposes several months ago I moved all of my emails to the Google platform and it has a similar feature as Sandbox, not as powerful but it is free, so I transferred to that instead it seems to be doing the trick so maybe a useful alternative.

Review your Subscriptions:

Finally the other strategy is to review your subscriptions, are the newsletters and blog updates that are being sent to you still relevant, if they are, then the strategies above to reduce your email clutter but if they are old and no use to you anymore ditch them and unsubscribe for the sake of your sanity (ok slightly dramatic).

Hopefully these strategies will be if use to you, or maybe you have some other ones you find more useful please share them with me, I have found these useful and for the majority of the time I manage to get my main folder to zero also let me know what your frustration is about you overloaded email system.

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