Group Coaching

If the commitment that is required on Geoff’s 1-2-1 coaching is not for you then his group coaching program may be more appealing, it focuses on supporting you in creating a plan of action with a selected group of highly motivated people who share a common goal, to increase their success. Geoff looks at a whole life model in this program, exploring personal limitations that might be holding you back in achieving the success that you are pursuing and improving the integration between work and life.
These group programs only run a few times a year and are limited in size giving you an absolute exclusivity and access to his expertise. Included in this program, there will be regular group calls, covering his philosophies called Success IQ these include practical goal setting, time management, and performance mindset all the content will teach you how to transform your life on so many levels.
Find out more about The Success IQ Group Coaching program or let’s arrange a call and discuss the best possible solution to transform your life so you can achieve those great things in your life and business.
If you’re ready to dismiss mediocrity and create the exceptional, then this is the program for you.