Do you give your family the attention they deserve? Life is so fast-paced now, as a business owner or high achiever you have so many things demanding your time, unfortunately quite often it is our loved ones that suffer from this lack of attention.   We all can be a little guilty of this and probably more […]


30th January 2017

Negative People

There’s one thing I found over the last ten years in business it Is that it’s amazing how many people in your life try to shatter your dreams and persuade you not go for your goals. Quite often this is because they have given up on their dreams or have never had any aspirations to […]


I like you have things that I am frightened to do, things that if I let them win would stop me from pursuing the life I want to lead and the person I want to become.  I am sure there are things that you don’t do not because you don’t want to but because the fear of […]