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Is your family worth the time your missing


Do you give your family the attention they deserve?

Life is so fast-paced now, as a business owner or high achiever you have so many things demanding your time, unfortunately quite often it is our loved ones that suffer from this lack of attention.  

We all can be a little guilty of this and probably more often than we care to admit, and hopefully, this blog will assist you to become more aware so you can do it less.

We can often lose track if those important things in our lives because we are so focused on completing our tasks and goals, I often speak to parenting entrepreneurs that talk about how they forgot why they started their own business in the first place, the very things they were looking forward to seems to be slipping away.


You to might be like this, working late through the night, giving up some or all of the weekend or perhaps you are going out with your kids but are disconnected as you scroll through your social media and emails instead of being present and engaged with your family.

This blog is about sharing what I have learnt from nearly losing it all, and is my life lesson #2; it is about highlighting that you, me and everyone should spend a little more time savouring those special moments that we take for granted.

Here are some tips to assist you in increasing your presence and collecting more special memories with the important people in your life.

Schedule Family Time: I know this might sound a bit clinical and in some ways it is, but like everything else that is important to you it should go in your diary, this way you will hold it in higher importance and reduce the chances of booking a meeting or calls over it.  Use this time to connect with your family some examples are:

  • Read your children bedtime stories
  • Take some one to one time with each of your kids to see how the day has gone or help with a project
  • Sit down and watch some documentaries that enrich their general knowledge (my kids loved this)
  • Create some good healthy competition, such as a sport or worst case on a video game

The aim of this is to focus all your energy on the kids.

Of course, we can’t forget your partner they need your attention to and just because there an adult does not mean they do not hurt when they don’t see you.  Get a date night in the diary and make sure it's something special, a time when you can talk and enjoy each others company.

Create Experiences: One thing I have learnt is that both your family and yourself will get so much more out of an experience compared to purchasing a shiny new thing, in fact, this is a life lesson in its self.  Sit down with your family and talk about what each person would like to do and arrange a particular activity that focuses on it, it gives them something to look forward to, and you will be amazed at how many brilliant memories these days out can create for the whole family.

Ditch Tech:  This is a must for you and your family to be completely engaged, the only rule is that it can be used to record the great memories, it can be difficult, but as long as everyone in the group does it then it will only get more comfortable.

I made these mistakes, in fact back in 2000 I was running the treadmill of life as we all do, I got home and did the usual thing that most people in the UK do on the 5th of November, we had fireworks, I remember having some big projects that needed my attention and to be honest that was what was on my mind mostly, but I did the Dad things.  Little did I know that that would be the last time I would be doing anything like that for over five years, on November 6th my life changed. 

This is why I share this lesson with you because of the hell I have experienced and that I believe that simple, consistent changes can dramatically improve our lives and relationship.

Wishing you the greatest success


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