052 – Timothy Carroll: The Evolutionary Leader

Geoff Nicholson

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More about Timothy Carroll

Timothy Carroll has supported some of the worlds most successful companies, leaders, and athletes to dramatically develop their performance for more than two decades. A published author & people expert, Timothy has extensive experience in the fields of cognitive behavioural sciences, self-actualizing psychology and personal development.

A former world-class athlete, he represented New Zealand at four World Championships, competing for over 16 years on the world stage. Timothy specializes in Behavioral change, Leadership development, Organizational consulting, and executive coaching at all levels, for the corporate world and business owners. He currently resides with his family in the Bahamas.

Guest Recommendations:

Or his own book The Evolutionary Leader which you can get at Amazon

Find out more about Timothy:

You can visit his website or connect with him on social media like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn where you can find some fantastic information to assist you in progressing. Of course don’t forget you can access his book on Amazon the link is above

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