051 – Stephen Petith: Going Beyond Borders

Geoff Nicholson


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More about Stephen Petith

Stephen Petith is an Internationalization Architect, working to create Internationalized Businesses and Lifestyles for his clients. He has started, sold, and operates businesses around the world. Stephen is using his skills to help others internationalize their Businesses and Lifestyles that take advantage of the opportunities available in the new and ever-changing 21st Century economy.

He was the campaign manager for a Parliamentary representative’s elections. After the successful election to Parliament, Stephen stayed on as the elected representatives Senior Officer, gaining valuable experience in Government & Politics from the inside.

During the show, Stephen shares his expertise on how you can explore new international markets with your business, the benefits of mentoring, coaching and using masterminds to grow your business.

I really enjoyed this interview as Stephen shares examples of why we no longer need to see our own countries as limitations to grow our businesses, yes it takes courage and drive but it is definitely an interesting avenue to explore.

Guest Recommendations:

Books: Richard Branson – the Virgin Way

Apps: Google (Anything)

Connect with Stephen:

You can connect with Stephen Petith on his website or via social media if your interest in his mastermind group you can find out more on his website

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